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EC is a large and flexible resource It is the perfect place to host corporate events, from training sessions, seminars and presentations to members and product launches.Simply fill in the form below and a member of the EC team will get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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    I definitely think it makes you more attractive to an employer: you're doing stuff like organisation; planning ahead; getting a plan together and implementing it; committing to deadlines; working in a team; managing budgets,client handling. .

Interact with other professionals

If you work in a small-scale setting, it may seem that you have little opportunity to work with other professionals. However, many practitioners in small-scale settings do forge positive working relationships with others. Many are involved in sharing information and certainly in cooperating with other professionals.

Collaborate on a project

Collaboration in the workplace has long been heralded as a sign of an effective, high-functioning team. Not long ago, achieving collaboration meant breaking down cubical and office walls and pushing employees to work together 24/7. Although this approach worked for many employees, others felt stifled.

What You Get With Our EMPLOYERS CLUB.

Big Data CRM, Lead Generation Process. SMS Campaign, E-mail Campaign, WhatsApp campaign, Social Media campaign, SEO, Call center Campaign, Website Maintainance, Employee Scheduling, Task & cheklist, Full Data bank access, Tech Support, Entire ibigdata process, Over 3,000 sq.ft. of event space, Ultrafast Wi-Fi, Access for all types of resources, Capacity for up to 50 seated guests, Evening parties.

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Being a member of employers club give many opportunities to me. Found many best employers by joining this club. Even the pricing is so reasonable.

Vijay Mangal

Being a corporate person its very important to get good tie ups with professional persons and employers club provide us that platform.

Sahid Parker

Startup a new business! what next? search for all professional persons and tie-ups which required for better startup. We got that all from employers club. No doubt that employers club provide the best platform for our startup business.

Shruti Tandon

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